Mexports Incs by Sunsana Moline

Mexports Incs by Sunsana Moline is excellence in Mexican Handcrafted Luxury Furniture designing and manufacturing since 1996. The state-of-the-art creation of fine Iron furniture with exclusive variant of Marble, Mesquite and Copper Tops, makes it leader in the market. The Laredo, Texas based furniture giant is producing marvelous exhibition and fulfilling all your needs and demands of indoor and outdoor essentials in the periphery of high-end furniture.  Be it modern and contemporary home, office, lawn, entrance, luxurious bathhouses or corridor, Mexports provides you all kind of solution with classic beauty and robust quality with wide variety of options. Timeless luxury is the principle by which wide selection of products are exclusively designed. Rebranding in July 2014 as MEXPORTS by Susana Molina, furniture is thoughtfully designed with attention to detail and has the option of being fully customized

Modern. Contemporary.

At Mexports by Susana Molina, you never have to sacrifice elegance for functionality. Each of the bathroom vanities are designed with both elements in mind.  Specialize in the beauty of nature using only top quality materials found in Mexico. Wrought iron bases are proudly hand forged by Mexican Blacksmiths. Each piece of iron is heated using a traditional charcoal fire, hammered by hand on an anvil, and carefully crafted to form the unique and delicate looking base.

The local Mexican Artisans crafts the furniture, creating each piece using centuries old traditions, which are passed on from generations, making the pieces last forever.

Mexports exhibit 300-plus different type of tables/furniture with metal sheet support, scrollable, twisted, flat thick and hand-painted wrought iron base in five different finishes. Few of them are mentioned below


  1. Live-Edge furniture
  2. Fine Rustic Furniture
  3. Occasional Table/End Table/Side Table.
  4. Single/double Pedestal Dining Table
  5. Bathroom Vanity w/ Vessel Onyx Basin
  6. Conference Table – Desk
  7. Living room table
  8. Coffee Table
  9. Corner Bathroom Cabinet and Table
  10. Counter Table and Counter Top
  11. Office Desk

Modern. Contemporary.

Ms Susana Molina, Architecture (Interior Design) and a successful entrepreneur is the brain behind the success story of spectacular Mexports Inc. She is Owner and Designer of Mexports which deals in manufacturer, wholesaler and management of fine iron furniture with Copper, Mesquite or Travertine tops, through all United States and Canada. The genius of its kind, highly qualified Susana has expertise and specialized in the field of furniture art-wisdom. Her contribution and dedicated role smoothen the entire lifecycle of creation of furniture till its delivery to the door step of client under the reel of her close supervision. Her quality, lead times, integrity with delivery is exceptional. In the wholesale designer and furniture market, she has the flair that makes a room a statement. Susana offers personalized service like no other with all her pieces are gorgeous and of high quality. She takes great pride in making sure her clients are happy with their selection and customer service is above any other furniture store. Supply, veracity and quality of merchandise is excellent.